Thursday, February 15, 2007

For Wedneday

Catherine's work for the morning was putting together valentine cards for her Brownie troup. I bought a 'Madagascar' kit with blank cards and stickers. She sat down and worked away for the better part of an hour, assembling the cards and writing in the names. Of course, just this instant, I realized she and I forgot to put who the cards were FROM. Oh boy.

Next she was playing with her cousin Maddie. They dressed up, played blocks, ran around with toys guns and had a great time.

Just before lunch she pulled out a dinosaur dig kit she got for christmas and set to work excavating the triceratops 'fossil' in the plaster. She's been plugging away since christmas and has been very careful and meticulous. It's going to take her forever but I'm glad she's not discouraged and stays patient and cautious with it.

Shannon took Harry to the grocery store. When they got back he checked the mailbox and there was the parcel card for the curricullum I ordered! Poor guy. Shannon brought the groceries in and I turned him right around and sent him to the post office. He came back with the books and a big potted Azalea for me for Valentine's day. What a guy.

We opened up the package and this is what we now have; Easy Grammar 3 (teacher's guide and workbook), Key to Fractions and Singapore Math 3A (textbook and workbook). Catherine saw the fraction book and her eyes lit up. She sat down with it but only lasted a couple of pages. I think she has to approach her work early in the morning or later in the evening. Afternoon for her, like me, is a draggy time where energy is low. We'll see how she does tommorrow.

Catherine was off to Brownies and had a great time there. It was her first time making a valentine card bag and getting a bunch of cards. Looking over them I was a bit disapointed though. I remember a lot of variety when I was a kid and these ones all seemed to be licensed character cards with the exact same design - folded in half with a little sticker to hold them closed. Ah well...She was thrilled.

For quiet time she listened to the first part of a BBC radio play of the Odessey. I had listened to a bit of it and didn't think she'd care for it as it seemed a little...advanced or maybe beyond her. But I was wrong. She loves it!

We al went to bed last night sort of hoping the storm the weather channel had been warning us about would cancel school. If school was canceled, my bible/lay ministry/christian history course would be canceled too and that meant the sour cream chocolate bundt cake with pink vanilla glaze I'd made for the course would be breakfast. :)

Seeing as I'm writing this Thursday morning I can tell you that school was indeed cancelled and my bundt cake is absolutely delicious!

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