Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For Tuesday

At 9 am sharp Catherine sat down at the kitchen table to work her way through 4 pages of 'Times Creative English for Primary Schools'. This is a workbook my mother brought back from Thailand where she and Dad lived for a couple of years. Mom volunteered to teach english in a local school while she was there and so picked up resources for the school. Most were left there for the students but this book and a few others made the trip back. I'm not sure what grade it's supposed to be for but it's a great mix of the familiar and new challenges. A nice surprise was when I googled the publisher and realized it was the same publisher that is responsible for all the 'Singapore' titles. I like it so much we're scanning it and printing sheets for Catherine rather then use the book. I do have Harry to thnk of in a few years!

After that she played with Harry and her 3 year old niece who I look after. Then on to building Lego creations with her father (no work today). After that he took her and Harry down for a visit to his parents leaving me and Maddie (my neice) to watch movies and have some popcorn.

They're still not back so I'm guessing nothing else will be done tonight. Maybe Catherine will have time to listen to the concluding CD of 'Charlotte's Web' but I'm not counting on it.

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