Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Greek Gods family tree on Sunday

Catherine was out pretty early to play with Justin today so that left me and Harry to do some reading and playing. We read "Happy Birthday Thomas," and then had a discussion about messes when he grabbed a bar of soap from the bathroom and soaped up several trains and the coffee table. After that we pulled out his marble run kit and built a huge track.

In the afternoon Catherine started one more curricullum. This one I was iffy about. It's the Pearbles Home Economics curricullum. I happened to pick it up for free and thought it might be good for some general guidence. It is but that's about it. It's very, very christian and very, very oriented towards preparing little girls for their rightful place in the home. Blech. But even that is a learning experience and my daughter and I had a little talk about some people ideas of what women should do with their lives. Anyway, a little page tearing later and I have something that gives me a bit of structure in home economics. It's simply a weekly activity guide from what I can see but we'll see how it goes.

In the evening we finally made the Greek Gods Family Tree. We'd sort of given up hope and were going to settle for a printable version as most seemed to convoluted for us to reproduce on bristol board. And then we found the Family tree of the Greek gods on Wikipedia. It's chock full but still easy to understand. We printed it out and got to work. An hour and a half later, this is what we had;

The picture has a mistake that I've since fixed, namely Heracles' lineage.

After that Shannon read to Harry while I cuddled up to Catherine and read about from creation to the aparence of manking in Edith Hamilton's 'Mythology'. I thought the language might be a little advanced for Catherine but once again, not so. She loved it all.

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