Friday, February 23, 2007

The Kids Are Back on Tuesday

The kids were back by 10 am and Catherine was soon at work doing a practice page of Singapore Math.

After the math (Catherine wasn't very focused) I spread out a big piece of brown piece of paper (from a roll I have) over the kitchen table for them to paint. Instead of our standard tempera paints I pulled out some old acrylics I've had since I was a teenager and handed them all popsicle sticks. They had great fun mixing colours and playing with the texture of the undiluted paints. Harry was actually building with the paint. A couple of hours after they were done Harry went back to the table to paint with some tempera.

Catherine had a heck of a day. First she was out playing with Justin and then two other friends, Amanda and Sabrina showed up at our door. After they had to go home and things settled down Catherine started listening to Tales from the Norse Legends. Our Ancient Greece focus has sort of shifted into mythology and our history focus may take an altogether an altogether different path as I've been doing lots of googling and found some different resources.

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