Sunday, December 2, 2007

Quotes from a Sunday Morning

I insisted the kids go to church with me this morning (they're usually willing anyway) so they could see what Advent was about in the church. My daughter protested by yelling, "I don't believe in God!" as we went out the door. That had my husband grinning like cheshire cat.

The service started with the kids in the choir pews for a little discussion about Advent. The first candle lit today represented hope and to symbolize that we were all given red ribbons, for the struggle against HIV/AIDS. When our minister asked what the kids though the red ribbons meant one shouted out, "Santa Claus!"

The kids were also given ribbons that they were to write their hopes on and bring back to hang in the church for Advent. One young one protested the homework by letting everyone know, "I don't have any hope!"

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Christine said...

Ha! Reminds me of the year we were driving to church on Easter. I bellow to the back of the van, "Why do we celebrate Easter, kids?"

My daughter: "Because Jesus is alive!"

My son: "Yeah! AND CANDY!!!"

Ahhhh ... minister's kids ....