Friday, December 7, 2007

Advent, Day 7

My offering for today is a game I've played about for years. It's not really a Christmas game but it is about gnomes and that's sort of Christmassy, right? They're like, first cousins to elves aren't they? The game is a pile of fun though and that's why Boutercart made the list.

In this game you throw gnomes at a dartboard. Enourmous fun, eh?

The game is mostly in German but has the key buttons in something close enough to english. Controls are simple. Simply click on the gnomes you want to use, holding the mouse button down. When the dart board appears move your mouse forward a buit to throw and release the mouse button when you want to send your gnome flying. This is a two player game so grab one of the kids and challenge them to a match.

Have fun!

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