Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Math Love and Good Stuff From the BBC

I'm feeling it, I really am. Over the past few months as Catherine's moved past simple operations into word problems and algebra and decimals and such I'm rediscovering math and getting swept up in it. Now, I'm no whiz. I have no ambitions for math supergeekdom but I am passionately curious right now even if I don't always understand what I'm reading or listening too.

For those who may feel something similar I'll offer up a most excellent radio series from the BBC called Five Numbers. It also has a sequel called A Futher Five Numbers and together the two series cover zero, Pi, the Golden Ratio, and 1729 (you'll have to listen to find out about that one) amongst others. It's fascinating and very often funny and is the perfect way to relax when everyone else has gone to bed. Sit at the computer with some chocolate, a glass of wine and a game of solitaire and listen. I guarentee you'll enjoy yourself.

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