Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Little More on the HSBAs

It's simple ethics, isn't it? You run a contest, you exclude yourself from the running. I've been in many organizations and that was almost always a given. It's not so much to prevent cheating as to prevent any appearance of impropriety. There must be absolutely no doubt about the results.

And if you didn't realize that and someone pointed it out to you, should you take it personally? I tend to think not. Someone pointing out that you shouldn't be running in your own contest is akin to the friend who points out you've got spinach stuck in your teeth before heading out the door. It's a bit of advice to avoid embarrassment.

Superangel feels pretty bad and bitter about being excluded from the HSBA awards. She's young and very bright and I know she'll get over it. Meanwhile, even more interesting than her post are all the responses from fans who think she's justified in her position and her anger. Note them all Superangel. These are the people that would smile at a friend with the piece of spinach in their teeth and say, "You look fantastic! Let's go!"

It's not until pianosteve, well down in the comments, that someone thinks and cares enough to point out what's gone wrong with Superangel's reasoning. He writes a graceful response that does Superangel more honour than anything else above it. I hope she puts quality above quantity and gives his post some serious thought.

HT to Doc.


Doc said...

Well, Super's "infant" sister is still in the running with her own blog. Amazing that a 7 month old can read and write! I'm sure the siblings and mom don't have anything to do with it... now let's discuss the ethics of this. They could still "win", but technically, it will be the baby's win. Slippery slope.

HT to Meg

Dawn said...

Yipes. I didn't realize that!

This is what happens when people can't tell the difference between being right and doing what's right.


Andrea R said...

Now why haven't I been reading your blog till now?

Geez Dawn, I'm next door in NB. :D

Dawn said...

Just be thankful that you have the extreme pleasure of reading it now. :)

Howdy neighbour!

Anonymous said...

I really don't have anything to add, as I barely escaped (Superangel's site) with my vision in tact! Boy, those color choices; I honestly began to feel a little dizzy.

Actually, I was disappointed to leave, as I really wanted to stay and figure out the whole Superman/Lois Lane connection to a Christian worldview - but I had to flee. You didn't happen to figure it out, did you?

Dawn said...

I think he's got a LOT of attraction for a lot of Christians. The male child appearing by divine means come to save us all.

Of course those Christians don't know jack about Superman. He was invented by two Jewish guys (one Canadian! Whoo Hoo!) and his first origin had him cast more an as immigrant then a divine child - Reflected more the experience of the Jewish immigrant in America.

Or could just be that he's hot but just a drawing so like, a safe kind of hot.