Monday, December 10, 2007

First Day of Christmas Break

We finished up Key to decimals last week and are almost done a unit in our spelling so this week was the start of our homeschooling break. What did we do? Homeschooling of course.

We did have that spelling to finish up so we did a test today. Then I wondered outloud if Catherine would like to do a couple of pages from a daily skill builder worbook we'd picked up in the summer at a yard sale and she decided she'd love to. Then we started talking about quarks for some reason and I remembered a coloring book on quarks I'd printed out from Jefferson Labs (check out their K-12 Education link for more excellent resources) ages ago and so we read that and she colored it. Then we read more on the Romans. And replanted an Aloe Vera plant. And it's only lunch time.

I'm not sure what the afternoon will bring but at this rate we may have calculus figured out and the Aeneid read by bedtime.

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