Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trip to the Park

My husband just came back from a two week trip so we packed the kids up and headed up to our local wildlife park for some family time. I, for once, took the camera.

The white tailed deer are near the entrance and a huge draw because there are food dispensers where you can get bit of food for a quarter and feed the deer through the fence. My best picture of the day was this one.:

Up a bit, after some arctic foxes and reindeer, is what's essentially Predator Alley. Artic wolves, timber wolves, bobcats and lynxes. The coyotes are in behind those four and are generally a lot harder to spot. They were especially hard to spot today since their section was closed. Ah well. Here is a timber wolf:

The moose pen was undergoing some renovations so no pictures of those beasts but after some horribly smelly fox pens we got to my favourite part of the park. The birds! A small sampling:

As always there were peacocks running free everywhere. The otters gave a great show and the black bears were, luckily, right down at the front of their pen so we all got a very good sense of how big they really are.

There were also some pens with eagles, falcons and owls. The park isn't simply a zoo but it also takes in sick and injured animals. The birds of prey they house are always ones that can't be returned to the wild due to their injuries. However, they're still spectacular:

Here's a video of one more of the injured birds that the park cares for. His disability is pretty obvious:


molytail said...

You'd not have been able to tear me away from the wolves. :-) (okay,yes, but only to go to the bears!LOL)

Glad yous had a good time! ;-)

kitten said...

Great! I'm glad yall got to get out and have fun!