Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ants for Geeks

I was at my local thrift store last week and picked up Simant. This is an old game (the jewel case assures me it will work on a 286 running Windows 3.0) and one I'd never played myself but I did remember hours and hours of fun with Sim City (by the same legendary designer, Will Wright). I picked it up and a few days later Catherine installed it on her computer. This is what it looks like:


(couldn't find a decent pic with an english screen!)

I wondered a bit whether she's like it. Those graphics are pretty old school. No problem. She worked her way through the tutorial and got swept up in the game in no time. When we were talking about it last night she was enthusiatic, describing it as awesome and, "one of my most favourite games ever!"

While searching for a picture I found a neat article from the Zooilloogix blog that has some absolutely spectacular pictures of ant nest molds. Click on over to see what I mean.


molytail said...

I prefer the 'old school' gaming myself - I'd love to get my grubby little mitts on an atari LOL ...I do have an old nintendo here somewhere but it doesn't work anymore (at least, I think I still have it) ....

(I've borrowed old computer games from the library, but can't get them to work on this computer half the time, grumble)

ps - are either of your two into those webkinz? (speaking of games)

Dawn said...

My holy grail is a Coleco Vision. Made the same time as the Atari but (in my opinion) do much better. :)

If you want I can email you some info on playing those old games on your computer.

If you like old computer games there's an excellent site where you can download tons of them -

They all run under DOS though so you might need a program called DOSBox -

I just found an old pentium, rebuilt it to my needs and installed MS DOS on it but I don't have room to set it up so I'll probably have to install DOSBox.