Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Break Time!

Catherine's finished Key to Decimals book 2, worked her way up to adverbs in Winston Grammar and learned the whole ancient Greek alphabet. Time to set aside learning new things in those three areas and concentrate on practicing what she's learned. The weather has been absolutely beautiful anyhow so why coop her up in the kitchen with more texts, eh?

So I think we'll try daily practice.

- Daily practice from Daily Math Review.

- Set of mental math problems from Mental Math Sheets.

- Half a dozen questions on operations with decimals and long division. I'll get worksheets at

- Three word problems from Challenging Word Problems, Primary 3.

- A problem involving critical and logical thinking, probably from Brain Maths Volume 1.

- Daily grammar practice from I-don't-know-where-yet. I'm thinking lots of Mad Libs and maybe Daily Grams.

- Editing. Hopefully Catherine will write something near the start of the week, bring it to me, we'll edit it and then she'll rewrite it. We'll edit again the next day and she'll type it out. I stress the hopefully part.

- Greek? We'll probably go back to the Greek Hupogrammon after a break.

We'll try this anyway and see how it goes.


kitten said...

We are so far behind because of momma being sick. I had thought of just droping school till August, but my middle child is wanting to go back to reg school next year. So, it looks like I'll be schooling him almost all summer to get him ready. He was already behind because of his dyslexia and I had just found something to help him with his math, thanks to you. Math Mammoth really help him learn long divison and multiplcation. But I have to get him ready for 7th grade. I really need the break and start over next year, but I guess I won't get to do that.

kitten said...

Oh, the right brain left brain. I took 4 test. 2 show I'm more right than left. The other shows I'm more left but use both and the other says I'm left brained.
I have always thought as my self as a little of both, but more right sided.
What you think?

Noodle said...

We use the Mad Libs Game for grammar practice. Lots of silly fun. And because the sentences are supposed to not make sense, the student really does have to know how the word is used. LOVE IT!

Kathy said...

I'm not sure if you know about this site:

It might be the ticket for free grammar review.

I got here through Cdn Carnival of Homeschooling. You have some great links!