Monday, January 7, 2008

Mad, Sad Cows

Saturday night Catherine and I snuggled up on the couch and flipped to the Documentary Channel. There's a most excellent CBC series called The Nature of Things which has been on TV for just about forever. Hosted by Canadian Super-Scientist David Suzuki this show has been a part of my life since childhood and it's always been a favourite. I saw there was an old episode on Mad Cow disease and we decided to watch it.

Horrible stuff. Government inaction, dying cows, dying people, pain and stupidity on every level...We never moved. When a noisy Harry came into the room Catherine shushed him immediately. When the show finished I asked her what she thought.

"It was gross and sad."

It was the perfect summation and I was happy that, even though she felt that way, she still felt it was interesting and important to watch.

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molytail said...

i didn't even know that show was still on! :-o (we have lots of channels, i just don't watch tv very often) ....i don't know if i could sit and watch *that* though - i'd be in tears... i've been a vegetarian since my early teens and, well, yeah....

i like the way she summed that up - kids have a great way of putting stuff sometimes, without all the "extra" that we as adults have.. if that makes sense..