Friday, January 18, 2008

Clown are Scary

Joanne Jacobs reports that the University of Sheffield in England surveyed kids and found out that they generally find clowns to be scary. Apparently they want to redecorate the children's ward at a hospital and someone (thankfully) thought it would be a good idea to ask kids their opinion.

I hated them as a kid, my siblings despised them and I don't think I had one friend who had good feelings about them. I find kids generally like their adults to be without masks and to behave, for the most part, like adults.

Stick to talking trains and cartoony woodland animals. 90% of kids will adore one or the other.


Heather said...

Creepy Clowns! Last week I was driving on the interstate. I took a look in my rearview mirror and lo and behold in the vehicle behind me was a clown. I couldn't help myself, I shivered and tromped on the gas a little to get away. I had to exit to get to my destination and when I looked in my mirror again at the stop sign, it was still there! Rational thoughts went out the window. I couldn't get away fast enough. Scary, scary things. Is this because our generation grew up with Stephen King's "It"?
That explains our fears, but I think clowns in general just trigger scary thoughts in all. I prefer those around me to be plain faced while acting goofy. ;)

Anonymous said...

When Thomas was five, we took him to the Ringling Bros. circus. They have a pre-show where you can walk down and interact with some of the performers and the clown do some juggling, etc. At first, Thomas was scared. But one of the clowns was particularly effective at smiling and looking at Thomas and kind of interacting with him, but in a completely non-threatening way. By the time we had to find our seats, Thomas was enthralled. No more fear of clowns!

Now, of course, if there HAD been talking trains, there would have been no hesitation to begin with!

Christina said...

My 23 year old sister is terrified of them, always has been, stems from the Dumbo movie. She won't even look at them and usually walks in the other direction when they are near. My 4 year old hides behind me when ever we see one and there isn't even a reason for him.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Makes me wonder just who out there is enjoying clowns >:]

I recently discovered 15 Minute Lunch, which is a hilarious blog. He did a post about clowns recently that cracked me up.

molytail said...

i immediately thought of "It" like the first comment LOL ....there's no real fears of clowns in this house, but the little girl who lives on the end of our building hates them - i learned this the day i tried to give her one of those hanging clown dolls that there was no room for in dd's room...she reacted much as if i'd tried to give her a live hissing rattlesnake :-P