Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog About Heart of Wisdom? God Will Get You.

Tami wrote up an interesting blog post that includes some criticism of Heart of Wisdom. I've never looked at Heart of Wisdom myself. I really don't know much about it and the Hebraic educational model as opposed to the Classical model. I'm more of a Catherine or Harry model kind of homeschooler myself.

Anyhow, she blogged about it and got a tremendously funny response in her comments from 'No Name':

...If I were you I wouldn’t mess with someone in God’s corner. He’s bigger and you will be sorry.

That's not the whole thing but the commentor does accuse Tami of writing about Heart of Wisdom just to get blog hits and well, I figure he/she/it is right so you can go over there, give Tami a hit and read the whole comment. It's good for a snicker.

It never fails to amaze me how people can be so sure God is on their side and be so embarrassed about that fact that they hide who they are. Funny that.

Thankfully, another Heart of Wisdom user left a very reasonable and measured response just after 'No Name' so we can conclude the comment was a bit of isolated lunacy and not reflective of the whole Heart of Wisdom crowd.

BTW - REad Tami's post and go to the links she's provided. This Hebrew/classical thing is a really interesting issue I never knew existed.


Anonymous said...

I thought the exact same thing, Dawn. "No name's" god must not be all that, or why the coy disguise? ;)

I think there is a danger in creating a 'following' or being a rabid follower. Robin and company are human, and prone to bad hair days and runs in their pantyhose just like me. It is not betrayal or heresy to say that some comments/writings may have some errors.

I use a conglomeration of many different methods- anything that resonates with our home and life philosophies gets instantly absorbed into our home education efforts.

Dawn said...

I can't agree with you more. Using what works...