Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Accept Global Warming? Who cares! It's About Risk Management.

This addresses something I've been thinking about for awhile. Whatever your position on global warming, shouldn't basic risk management dictate we take action to curtail polution and damage to the planet? If the doubters are right then the worst case scenario is economic harm but, if the doubters are wrong and nothing is done the consequences will be much more severe. But I tend to think we live in a time when people don't understand how to assess risk ("I would never fly! Planes crash all the time. What? Oh well, little Johnny didn't need a seat belt. We were only going down the road to the store") so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this basic idea doesn't get much talk.

Watch the video. It's not only informative, it's entertaining. The guy has a real gift for this sort of thing.


Christina said...

Wow, I couldn't have said that better myself. That is exactly what I think. I come from a 'conserative' place which is where most of the doubters seem to be, but what harm would there be in the long run if we protect our planet now! A nicer, healthier place for our children to grow up in!

Heather said...

I completely agree. It doesn't matter if carbon emissions are causing global warming. They're causing pollution. Any 7 year old can tell you pollution is bad. Why even debate what the consequences ARE, when everyone can accept that there WILL be consequences of some kind? How about just being responsible? Great post.