Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Bit of the Renaissance

On Monday Catherine did a couple of Geeart lessons. Seeing as she was in the mood for art I pulled out a couple of books I'd given her for Christmas. They were nice big art books, one on Leonardo Da Vinci and the other on Michelangelo. Though she was a little reluctant to start it didn't take for the painters' work to drag her in. We were soon talking about light and structure and very often simply about what we liked best in the paintings.

As luck would have it Biography had a show on Michelangelo Tuesday night. We sat down and again, Catherine was a little reluctant but was soon asking questions and bringing out the Michelangelo book to get a better look at some of the details being shown on the program. Her book's focus however was only on his paintings so it was a real bonus that the show really showcased a lot of his sculpture. That helped her notice just how much the art of the time resembled Greek and Roman art and helped me plant a few seeds about the Renaissance that will come in handy when we get to that in history.

There were lots of giggles though as marble nudes meant lots of marble penises.

Now Catherine's conflicted. Leonardo used to be her favourite artist but now she's quite in awe of Michelangelo. And I have barely introduced her to Raphael. Hehehe.

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