Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blood on the Kitchen Floor

The dog eating. Note the red arrow. That is the corner of the chair where the cat sits.

The cat.

The moment...Almost. The red arrow is a cat paw. The blue is a fleeing dog butt.

The aftermath. That's just one drop among dozens.

I was feeding the dog to try and get a picture of her. The fact that I captured a bit of the attack just moments later was just luck.

By the way, the dog is fine. She has a nice scratch on her ear but that's it.


molytail said...

poor pup! :-P ....i've often wished for a dog, but with five cats living here, the chances of a dog having a peaceful life in this house are just about as good as its chances of sprouting wings for an afternoon.

Beautiful animals! :-)

Dawn said...

Oh my. I didn't get a good picture of Kia. "Beautiful" is not a term often applied to her. :) Friendly, lovable, smart...but not beautiful. She's too much of a mish-mash poor thing.

molytail said...

well, you're talking to someone who thinks that sloths are adorable, so..... *grin*

what's in her mishmash?(if you know LOL )

Dawn said...

She's obviously got Rottie in her. She has that colouring and the butt and shoulders (she's ridiculously strong) of a rottie. There's some kind of hound there, maybe beagle as she's excitible and keeps her nose to the ground. Her legs are a bit too short and she's got tons of extra skin (tons! I've had to grab handfuls of it when she's tried to bolt through the door) so maybe basset hound. Other than that, we're lost. Could be anything from chihuahua to be great dane.

The vet said rottie for sure but guessed that their hasn't been a purebred in her line for quite a few generations! :)