Saturday, January 10, 2009

So Here's the First Pick



A bit of a monster, eh?

It's 2800 sq. feet with four bedrooms, three bedrooms and a ridiculous amout of space. The bedrooms are all relatively small which is actually what I was hoping for because I don't want us cloistered away on our own spaces.

It has work that needs to be done but nothing we can see so far is beyond us. The roof is ready to be replaced and the windows will have to go as well at some point. The kitchen is wonky and dated and none of the drywall seems to have been taped at the corner joints but really; roofs are easy, windows can be covered with plastic and replaced one at a time, the kitchen cupboards work and taping drywall is easy. As far as we're concerned, it's move in ready.

And heck, it's actually quiet attractive in parts:



Oh yes. It's a foreclosure so if we're serious about wanting this house we need to sell ours NOW. The banks don't accept offers conditional on the sale of a buyer's home. Now, that's actually not impossible or even improbable in our situation so keep your fingers crossed for us.

The husband (who swore he wanted nothing to do with a fixer upper) and I are in love with this house. We understand that it's quite possible we won't get it so we did talk about maybe not getting so excited but decided, screw that. Frankly, house hunting should be a roller coaster, should have big ups and gut wrenching lows and if we're going to take the ride we should commit to it. If we lose this, we'll live and no doubt fall in love again in short order.

And now I must get back to cleaning and packing. We've also decided that whatever happens, we should be ready for a move so we're renting storage space and clearing out the house of non-essential clutter. You have no idea how much clutter a 780 sq. foot house can hold!


Molytail said...

Oh my goodness, it's HUGE! guys could have a great time with a place like that! :-D close to where you are now?

Anonymous said...

If it's meant to be it'll happen. We fell in love with a house and tried to sell ours, no luck in 3 months. Then gas prices doubled and we didn't want the other one anyway. Found another one much closer to work, put in a conditional offer which was rejected and our house then sold in an amazing 7 hours enabling us to get that one which was way better anyway. You just never know!

Molytail said...

sneaking back in to let you know I tagged you with a blog award. ;-)

Bonni said...

Good Luck! I hope it works out. But if it doesn't, then something else was meant for you. At any rate, I love the red...and the French doors...and the barn, the greenspace and the trees.