Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting the Homeschool Clutter Gone

Today I packed away the last of the homeschool curriculum and stuff I've accumulated that we aren't using within the next few months. It took awhile because there was a ton of it. It occured to me that having so much homeschool crap, even if the crap IS of exceptional quality, can choke off real learning.

With so much in front of me and at my disposal I'm much less likely to take a walk, discuss something, play a game or do something else in a similar vein to learn with the kids. Instead, if I recognized an interest or an area that needed a bit of work I'd to reach for the homeschool hoard and pull something from there. Bad habit to have.

When we get a new house I want a library. Somewhere where a person can go where the walls are covered with books, curriculum, resources and all the papery goodness that we can fit on the shelves. But also a place where we can walk out, shut the door and appreciate the big, wide world that doesn't exist between two covers.


JJ Ross said...

Good post, good thought, good homeschooling. :D

Molytail said...

^^ agreed with the above comment :-)

I didn't realize just how much hs related 'stuff' I'd accumulated (and in just a year and a half!) until we started downsizing to the suitcases...oh my. It seems I never passed a book I didn't like LOL...'course, I couldn't just get rid of it..nooooo....I had to stog a bunch of it in my mother's basement. *grin*

A library would be SO lovely to have!

(heck, bookshelves would be lovely to have right now - our books are piled up under the coffee table LOL)

Brian said...

Your post is so timely. If I may suggest it, you might want to check out a recent post on my blog that meshes nicely with your situation exactly.
Another Brick in the Wall
Curriculums are nice (maybe) but there is nothing like a good book.

I love your blog, and the Idea of Evolved homeschooling. Keep up the enlightened work!