Monday, January 12, 2009

Selling the House

 First - Remember the house I loved last post? SOLD. Two days after we viewed it. Ah well. It let us know what we really wanted in a house and lit a fire under our asses to get our house sold.


Okay. I'm over it. 

We're fixing up the house so we can list it next month. Mostly clearing out most of our belongings to a storage unit, scrubbing and painting the walls and finishing a few repair jobs. Our real estate agent was ruthless in letting telling us what had to be done. No dust laden ceiling fan or crappy drywall patch escaped her notice and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So if my posts for the next few weeks are about the virtues of various cleaning products or paint chips or living without 80% of our stuff, forgive me and be patient. 



Molytail said...

you mean you're supposed to *clean* ceiling fans? :-P

Drat that the house sold - but you'll find just the right thing...heh, as much as I'd like to own, I doubt we'll try buying out here...this isn;t going to be our "forever" home - several years, yes, but not forever - and the cost of houses out here is INSANE. Seriously. What gets you a smallish 3 br house here would get you a near mansion back home. :-o

mommy2boys said...

Just went though this! Don't fret , it all works out in the end!and you realize you can live with so little and may not want it back after you move :)

Anonymous said...

Living without 80% of your stuff is actually very freeing. I hated getting mine back.

Anonymous said...

Noooo! Not the hobby farm! Good luck on a quick and painless selling period.