Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cleaning out the Junk Drawer

I cleaned today. Went through half a bottle of super-duper cleaner and realized that I have never really known what clean really was. All this time I thought my house wasn't too bad. Ha ha.

I managed to defeat the junk drawer early on. It started out stuffed with various bits of nothing and I managed to reduce it to one bag of film that needs developing and one bag of assorted things I'd like to keep.

Before I got to that point however I discovered a stash of dog food under all the junk. Our little furry tennants were busy working on a winter hoard.

One last treasure was discovered as I cleaned in places I'd never cleaned before. Ascrap of the wallpaper that was on the wall when we bought this house almost 10 years ago. It was hopelessly dated back then.

Today was a lot of work but I have to admit, it was fun making a few little discoveries and I do keep looking over my shoulder, not quite believing how clean and sparkly the one section of kitchen that I scrubbed today looks.


kitchenwitch said...

I think my mother had that wallpaper in our kitchen when I was little... Or at least something similar.


Molytail said...

Junk drawers are scary. I had several plus a "junk cupboard" to dump out when we moved LOL...

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww. Food stash for furry tenants.

We bought a van with a dog food stash in it once, in the radiator. Squirrels were hoarding.