Monday, November 3, 2008

Subjects the Drive You Crazy.

Classical Writing worked but got boring. Language Arts Lessons from The Hobbit has it's good points but the actual writing bit bogged Catherine down. I happen to have Writing Strands sitting around so that's up next.

Yes, yes, I know. Consistency is important. But I've got that with the other key subjects wright now so I think I've earned the right to pull my hair out and fret about this subject a little. I know other moms do this, I can't be the only one.

Is there a particular subject anyone else wavers and waffles on and hasn't found a good fit for yet?


Dana said...

Embrace the wavering and waffling and let it be part of your homeschool! :)

That is part of why I am not looking forward to a few years from now when I start purchasing some curriculum. When you write it yourself, it doesn't cost as much to shift focus.

kitten said...

I waver and waffles a lot in schooling. I have changed English Grammar twice, then came up with my own from other resources. I haven't found a spelling that works for KB yet. Have any ideas?

Jacqueline said...

I don't think I've found a good fit for any subject yet, and it's been 13+ years. :)

Dawn said...

I'm finding the comments very reasuring. :D i tend to get embarrassed when I write something glowing abut a new curriculum only to abandon it a month later.

Dana - I am putting my own stuff together for history and science. It's probably a confidence issue that stops me from doing the same with math and language arts.

Kitten - I cn only suggest what's been working for us. My daughter is using Megawords and its been making a big difference for her. She enjoys it and it is worksheet based rather then text based and concentrates (so far) on breaking down words into syllables so she can see how words are constructed.

Ruth in NC said...

I like to think of it as variety, the spice of life. That sounds better than fickle or indecisive or unwilling to persist at something that just isn't working.

Writing has been one of those subjects. Last year I even invested in IEW. Now I am looking at Bravewriter; it fits our sorta-CM style. A week ago, I had my 12yo free-write and, d***, if he didn't write a great descriptive paragraph. Maybe, it was IEW, maybe it was 12yo maturity. Who knows?