Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm Back

Okay, okay. Lorraine reminded me, Molytail tried to scare me back and now Posh is concerned so I guess I've got to get back to the blog. To tell the truth, once I realized that neither I nor the blogging world was going to fall apart if I didn't post I started to like not blogging. Dangerous, I know.

The last few weeks have been cluttered but good. I'm now an official Girl Guide leader which I'm enjoying more than I thought I would. The music my choir is doing for our after-Christmas Christmas concert is finally shaping up and I'm picking up the violin with Catherine and we're learning/re-learning together. I went and found out about what we could get for a mortgage and was pleasantly surprised by how much we can afford. Hopefully we can start looking by April as the only thing we're waiting for is my husband to be permanently posted in this area. I can't wait. I've still got mice and the bloody little buggers won't pay their rent.

In homeschooling news the Hobbit language arts curriculum I downloaded a few weeks ago is stumbling along. We hit some major roadblocks when it came to some of the writing that I'm still trying to sort out. Singapore math has been going strong with both kids although Catherine put it aside for a bit to work through a Key to Fractions book for some extra review and a bit of a relief from th constant challnge of Singapore. Harry has been learning to read with the help of BOB Books and has been amazing the shit out of me. Everythings else is still fairly strong and consistent. Which also amazes the shit out of me.


Melanie said...

De-lurking to say Woo Hoo you're back! I've checked in every few days in hopes you were missing blogging and came back early. Glad to find you here.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back :D

molytail said...

Howdy! Glad to hear from ya again! Mice and all..if you can't get rid of them, you might as well give them names..Might I suggest Dopey and Sherlock? Those strike me as good mice names.

Anonymous said...

You're just in time for

kitten said...

Glad you are back!
I have something for you at my blog!