Monday, November 24, 2008

You Know Those Resources You Never Thought You'd Use?

I never really saw the appeal in Reading A to Z. I'm not keen on leveled readers in the first place and leveled readers that you have to print and assemble yourself just seem like too much work for too little reward.

Catherine though, she loves them. I have quite a few from when Reading A to Z offers free access for a day in the early spring and because one had some relation to something we were studying I printed it off for her. She finished it, looked up and asked if there were more. So I've been printing them off once or twice a week and she's been reading them in the afternoon and then spending the next few days telling everyone within earshot what she learned about gems, the Inuit or slavery.

I'll be running out of the high level readers for her in another couple of months but A to Z should be having their free access day again in early spring (a person could sign up I guess but I'm too cheap) so I'll get some more. I'll make sure to mention it here in case anyone else in interested.

I keep shying away from some of the traditional schooly stuff but I guess when you have a kid who's not so used to it then the traditional schooly stuff looks fun and novel.


Anonymous said...

I used to have to print them and leave out the Level X page. That level rating wigged Hope out. Yucky levels.

Dawn said...

I never mentioned anything about the levels to Catherine and she hasn't noticed them yet. :)