Monday, November 24, 2008

Just for the Record...

I don't often watch The View but when I do I like Joy Behar. That hasn't hanged because she made a dumb comment about homeschoolng. Most people I like say dumb things on occasion, including myself.


Ami said...

I think the fact that I don't like her (Or any of the other people on that show) adds to my aggravation over what she said.

I don't watch the show anyway, so I 'voted with my feet' a long time ago, but I think her remark was way past dumb. I think it went into the realm of narrow minded, ignorant, and ugly.

To classify a group of people as 'demented' is rude.

JJ Ross said...

Except that's not what she said -- she said "a lot" of homeschoolers are demented, and so they are. Not me of course. :)

If she'd said the same thing about school principals or car salesmen or grandmothers, I also would've agreed!

Lynn said...

I like Joy Behar too - but, I can't bear to watch The View. Kill me, first :D

JJ makes a good point: every group has its embarrassments. Why would homeschoolers be any different? :)

Dawn said...

I'll agree her comment was rude Ami but I'll still shrug my shoulders and say, "So what?" People say stupid, rude things on occasion.

There are people out there who have real influence, like Stephen Downes (search my blog for more on him), who say stupid, ignorant things who deserve some argument. But one word from a daytime TV personality? Not going get my knickers in a knot.