Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free Lord of the Rings Resource

We're about halfway through The Fellowship of the Ring now and I've been looking to see if their are any interesting free resources out there that Catherine and I could make use of. Turns out Houghton Mifflin, official publisher of Tolkien's works, has a fantastic series of lessons for older students here.

The lessons themselves are a bit too much for my ten year old but the teachers guide has some comprehension and essay questions that make for fantastic discussion material. Catherine loves a good discussion and the quality of the questions makes it easy to have one and come away with some new ideas and questions about the book. A few years down the road when she reads the books herself I'll probably go back to the actual lessons and see what we can take from those.

Anyhow, it was a most awesome find and I thought I'd let everyone know about it.


suchlovelyfreckles said...

Wow, those lessons are cool. I shall bookmark this and wait for my daughter to get a bit older. :)

kitten said...

Thanks for sharing. My oldest will love this!