Friday, July 23, 2010

Should've Installed Ubuntu

I wiped my hard drive yesterday and did a fresh install of Windows XP. Now my damn computer is running slower then before.

I think that's because I tweaked things with the last install to make it run faster but now I can't remember what I did! It's because of Google. With Google I never have to remember anything. I find what I need, use the information and then dump it.

Darn it.

There was something to do with the cache I think...Oh, the hours ahead of me.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your post - but THANK GOODNESS! I've found a group of homeschoolers who don't think I'm the spawn of the devil because I intend to teach my children a complete science curriculum ie Darwin's Theory of Evolution, without any religious overtones. I'm new to homeschooling. Just stumbled onto your blog. Looks great! Good to read your thoughts on the Singapore science curriculum.

Dawn said...

Welcome! :) There are a lot of us. I think that most of the blogs I link to are by secular or religious-but-not-creationist homeschoolers.

I'll have to write more on Singapore Science though. The series I originally wrote about waay back has been discontinued. But no worries, My Pals Are Here is just as rish and focused on the skills and thinking behind good science. I've heard that some feel they're a little light on content but frankly, content is everywhere these days. What kids need is to know how to examine, use an even produce that content themselves and I don't think there's a better choice then the Sngapore programs for that.

NerdMom said...

To chime in, I am a "religious" person but I believe that is my beliefs. I don't think ppl r evil if they don't agree. And I am fairly scientific and extremely nerdy;).

But back to the actual post. You can still do Ubuntu. Just do it with a dual boot. Leave windows a small partition (you may want to give the Ubunutu side more than it will auto take) and then you have windows in case you need it. But you won't use it often. Trust me;).

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