Friday, July 23, 2010

The Book Pile

I must be freakin' crazy.

And that's not all of it either. Getting Started with Latin hasn't arrived yet and neither has Oxford's The Medieval and Early Modern World (no, I didn't pay that price! Got it on sale for $95).

I haven't got a clue how it will all work. I have a vague idea that math and much of the English stuff will get done first each day while the rest will be consigned to a loop schedule. That is, there will be a list with all the rest on the stuff on it and a certain amount of time to work on that list. If time is up before we get through the list then when we get to that blocked off time the next day we'll simply pick up where we left off on the list. Maybe. Possibly.


But as much as it seems like a little too much we're all looking forward to it. Harry loves the idea of having his own workbooks rather then some copyright-infringing photocopies. Catherine already dipped into Grammar Voyage and A World of Poetry and has been asking when we can go back to it together (seriously, those are books unschoolers should look at. It's hard to explain but they're less a program and more a dialogue). I can't wait for the routine that will ground me and the kids.

Soon my children, soon.


JJ Ross said...

I like that implication: Socratic unschooling. :)

That isn't necessarily ungrounded though, or sure never felt that way to us. (So I wonder if there's more going on than just school that feels in need of grounding in your lives?)

Dawn said...

Oh yes. There have been a couple of deaths, the ending of my lay ministry course, an immensely frustrating year as a Girl Guide leader, a possible promotion for the husband that might mean moving...

The feeling of being ungrounded really has very little to do with homeschooling except that the upcoming structure is going to be our (more honestly, my) sticking post for a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

Well I will definitely be getting these two grammar books you're mentioning, the entire series of the first one I think. Funny, I was just wondering not that long ago how to get sentence structure and whatnot into an unschoolers' day, and you just gave me the answer! Have you seen Teaching Textbooks for math? Michael did that this past year and loved it because it was all on computer, although he really is a workbook kinda guy too, like Harry. He thinks they're fun :-)


Anonymous said...

On the subject of grammar, we just received the new Simon Basher book "Punctuation" and it's also fab for unschooling grammar. (Also got the Math one too, we love this series.) Just thought I'd let ya know.