Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Summer/Fall Lineup

Me gone? Not at all. I've been posting all alone. You just missed it I guess. Maybe you need your eyes checked? Your browser's wonky perhaps? Because we both know I would NEVER be so irresponsible as to just abandon my blog for extended periods of time.

Anyway, on to the curriculum.

Catherine (who's now 12. And won't listen to me when I tell her to stop growing)

Math - Singapore Discovering Mathematics. I choose it because I'm too much of a chicken shit to try Singapore New Elementary Mathematics. We've had a discombobulated year and as it is we may need to go back to Primary Mathematics 6.

English - Michael Clay Thompson's Grammar Voyage. Grammar as Socratic dialogue...Right up our alley.
- Michael Clay Thompson's A World of Poetry. Because I'm all wrapped all in the trendy love all the Well Trained Mind homeschoolers are feeling for Mr. Thompson's materials.
- Megawords (yes we did this once before. Now be quiet)Jensen's Vocabulary and Jensen's Punctuation.
- Remedia Outlining

Handwriting - Peterson Directed

Science - Singapore's Interactive Science for Inquiring Minds

History and Geography - Canada; A People's History and maybe Oxford's The Medieval and Early Modern World set because I got a smokin' deal on Amazon. And it's very trendy at the Well Trained Mind forums.

Latin - Getting Started With Latin. Excellent choice I think since we're just getting started with Latin.

French - L'Art de Lire. Again. But we'll finish it this time. I promise.

Art and the other stuff - I'm sure I'll find something suitable in my pile of Curriculum Bought With Good Intentions in the next week or two.

Harry (who's now 9 and transitioning out of unschooling freedom)

Reading - We'll finish How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and go on to Dancing Bears.

- Apples and Pears.

Handwriting - Peterson Directed.

Math - Primary Mathematics 2.

Science - Singapore's My Pals Are Here 3/4. Yes, I went to town on the Singapore stuff. But it's heavy on skills, not just content. And it's trendy.

History - Story of the World Volume 1.

Art and the other stuff - Not sure yet but it will likely include improvisation with macaroni and glitter glue.

There's the list. It represents a lot of money but it also represents little work in terms of planning for me which, considering some events in the past year that I'll likely mention in a later post, is very much for the best.

Knitting club meets at my house tomorrow so I must be off to bed to rest up for the morning of panicked cleaning. Ta ta for now!


JJ Ross said...

Welcome back, we're still here and so glad to hear from you -- oh, right, this is YOUR blog, sorry! ;-)

Dawn said...

Right! Mine to lavish attention on or neglect as I see fit! :D

Rose (dragons in the flower bed) said...

Looks like a very fashionable line-up. :D

Anonymous said...

Well you know I copy every single thing you do, so I'm glad you're back. Double glad to see you've done up my 2010-11 itinerary for me. You're so thoughtful that way.


Anonymous said...

And I'm so glad to see you've decided to do Trendy for me this year. I like Trendy. Trendy Eclectic, that's my new label.