Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wondering about Linux

So SOMEBODY did a heavy propaganda number in my comments trying to swing me over to Linux. I have to admit, I've always wanted to run Linux. I have two live CD versions (Knoppix and Damn Small)that I stick in occasionally and a Unbuntu install CD but I've haven't yet made the jump.

What keeps stopping me is the fact that we use this computer for games as well as everything else. Everything else would be no issue on Linux, but the games? Are there Linux users out there that happily play Hearts of Iron 2 or Lego Star Wars? I really wouldn't want to be stuck with Bejeweled clones like some hapless Mac user.

This has actually stopped my planned reinstall because now I'm thinking about partitioning the drive and running Windows XP on one just for gaming and Linux on the other for everything else. Bit of a pain however when you want to go from browsing the internet to playing Knights of the Old Republic.

I want to make the leap but my inner gamer is scared.

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Greg Laden said...

Dawn: I hear you completely. I have a windows computer for the games, everything else is Linux.

You can very easily create a dual boot system that will boot as a fully functional windows computer OR a fully functional linux computer. If your day to day uses do not involve switching back and forth frequently (or playing games at the same time you are balancing your checkbook, etc.) this will not be satisfying.

And the nice thing is, following the Windows upgrade path demands that you replace your hardware if not now, eventually. Linux will breath new life into your hardware.

I'd go the Ubuntu route if you are going to embrace the penguin.