Friday, June 22, 2007

Kidless...And the Present

I'm not exactly kidless. I had my neice and the child of a friend today and they were great company but I'm without MY kids. As much as I enjoy the occasional day away from them there's also the occasional day when they're not here and I really miss their company. I would really like to sing the alphabet with Harry or have a game of Horse-opoly with Catherine.

Since they're not here I guess it's safe to tell everyone what Catherine is getting for her birthday.

A Nintendo DS Lite!

I know, I know. We currently have a game system on each of our 3 TV's (as long as Gigapets counts as a game system) and another 4 or 5 in the basement plus the computers but we didn't have ONE handheld system. It really was a gaping hole in our geek family fabric. So we picked up a DS. I charged it last night, set it up and tried the game we got for Catherine, CATZ!

I admit I was gunning for a Gameboy Advance because the games were so much cheaper. The system itself is only $50 less but the games only average about $15 to $20 while the DS games are often closer to $40. But get this...The DS plays Gameboy Advance games! Whoo hoo!

And it is sooo neat! The pretty graphics, the duel screens, the stylus...The stylus!

It's going to be hers but I predict the husband and I will be begging her for some DS time.

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