Friday, June 8, 2007

School for Thought?

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what happened to School of Thought and Evolved Homeschooling. Two of my favourite blogs and one of my favourite bloggers. I'm hoping it's just a pleasant break or happy change.


Yellow House Homeschool said...

I have put a new evolved homeschooling webring up in place of the one that disappeared when Eirann left. If you would like to join again, it's here:

Lill said...

I've been wondering too. I really miss it. It seems to have just blinked out. Very strange. I'll check out the new webring. I had just joined the old one when it went pear-shaped.
Shine On,

Dawn said...

I sort of hoped she'd be still reading blogs and at least let us know through comments what had happened. Maybe she just needed a clean break for awhile. I wish (and hope for) the best for her.