Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mouse Mummies

We actually did yard work yesterday. We'd needed to do it for awhile but kept putting it off until the grass was too high for our push mower and children started dissapearing in the new poplar growth. Yesterday though, for some reason we went out and worked and worked until all the balsam poplar babies were hacked away and our lawn was neatly cut.

We found some pretty neat stuff in the process.

Under an old garbage can lid were half a dozen snails. Several different types of awesome fungi were growing in a damp patch of lawn. Under a piece of cardboard was an ant colony. In the glove compartment of our lawn decoration ('92 Caravan) was a mouse nest. When I pulled the nest out to show the kids, the perfectly mummified corpse of a deer mouse tumbled out.

The perfect ending for the day for Catherine was when her friend from down the road took her over to his house to see the baby bird he'd found. It had been thrown from it's nest in a bit of a windstorm we'd had a few days earlier and he'd found it. I was a little worried but he's turned out to be a pretty responsible caretaker. He even went to the local wildlife park to pick up some seed the staff had reccomended for the bird. I hope he doesn't to try and keep it.

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