Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Weekend

My daughter went to her grandmother's early Saturday so we had a little time playing together (her, Harry and I) with a new gear set I mentioned we bought in an earlier post. We already have one but this second one is quite a bit more complex and requires more planning before you can get the gears working. Here's a picture (from the box, my camera's batteries are dead)...

After Catherine left it was on to the Thomas trains for Harry. I helped him set up a track and then went off to do my own things as he played. When he got bored of those he went in my room and dragged out an old book shelf (just the plank, not a case) and leaned it up on the edge of the couch. Since he'd decided to wear pants for once, his butt was suffinciently friction free for some sliding. When the plank was no longer interesting as a slide and put it on the floor, put a couple of blocks under it, put a toy on one end and jumped on the other to send the toy flying. This was major fun.

A few hours after I'd left him alone he grabbed a pile of new Franklin the Turtle books, grabbed me and headed for the couch. We read for quite awhile. He's a pretty active kid but he loves to snuggle in and get read too.

Today has been much the same.

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