Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The wednesday after the 14th

I was out the door early today because tommorrow I go to my Christian history/Bible/theology/philosophy/kitchen sink course and I'm staying late to help one of my coursemates set up a new-to-her computer system. She was finding her computer a little slow and very low on space. It's because she running a pentium with a 2 gig HD thats so old none of the accesories (moniter, mouse or keyboard) will work on the PIII I gave her. So, why I was out early...Our local army surplus store has a ton of 15 inch monitors for $2. So I picked up one, a new optical mouse and and scrounged up an old keyboard from my basement. $20 and she has a new computer that will do more then she needs.



Well, we cleaned up the living room and found some toys and craft supplies to donate to my sister's daycare. Catherine played on for a bit and Harry and I read together.

That's about it. Yes, I know it's rather pathetic but I also know the cleaning we did is going to lead to some stuff later. Old painting projects were rediscovered and room was cleared for some creative play. Hopefully.

You know what? I don't think the people in my life that are unsure about our homeschooling are going to find this reassuring. :)

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