Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting in Shape (with actual content this time!)

Sorry about the last empty post. I have no idea what happened to make it publish before I was done. Weird.

Anyway, about getting in shape. Today was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, all sun, blue skies and cool breezes, so I was outside stacking wood and mulching the gardens.

I've been mulching for about a week now. We got a quarter-ton truck load of red and brown cedar bark mulch so I've been heading out with a grocery bag full of newspapers each day, weeding, laying down a good layer of said newspaper and piling on the mulch. This wouldn't be too bad a job except I don't have a wheelbarrow so every time I need mulch it's a 15 foot walk to the pile and another 15 feet back. Not a big deal normally but when you multiply that by 30 or forty and understand that the woman hauling the mulch is chunky and out of shape then you'll understand why, once I went through a bag of newspapers, it was all I could do to haul myself into the shower.

(Why do we not have a wheelbarrow? Well, we did but it was left behind at the old house. I could say we didn't take it because it was a cheap, broken down piece of crap but I suspect the real reason was that we'd used it for a lot of jobs that involved fixing up the old house. Fixing up that house was like trying to swim upstream. One thing would be done and two more things would suddenly need to be done. So the wheelbarrow didn't make it because, even empty, it had too much baggage.)

Anyhow, I did my bag of newspapers today and was pleasantly surprised that I was only winded and sweaty as opposed to exhausted and soaked in sweat.

Tonight I got the bright idea that since there's still another 4 cords or so of wood that hasn't been stacked I'd do some of that. 45 minutes later I called it quits so I could chase the kids in the house to put pajamas on and jeez, I felt energized rather then pooped.

At this rate I'll be a burly rural housewife just in time to shovel and bring in wood for the winter.


Molytail said...

Wait a minute ~ aren't the kids supposed to do all that stacking of wood and stuff? Seems to me that was in the manual somewhere... *grin*

I'm so glad for you guys that you got this house and everything ~ it's just awesome to see things work out in the lives of friends! <3

Dawn said...

Let the kids have the fun of stacking wood? No way! Seriously, I enjoy it.

One benefit of burning wood that I never knew about though? Snakes LOVE woodpiles. We've seen green snakes, garter snakes and red bellied snkaes while moving tarps or carrying wood into the house!