Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The OTHER Election - Stephen Harper

Just heard this reaction to the recent economic troubles from Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper on CBC Radio:

"There are a lot of great buying opportunities on the market"

Yes. Because my neighbours who on the verge of unemployment because the lumber mill they work at is close to closing can afford to play the stock market.

But wait, it gets better. From, "The True North Strong and Free: Stephen Harper's plan for Canadians," the Conservative election platform:

"People who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules are getting ahead,"

Since I know my neighbours work hard and pay their taxes then what in the heck are those rules they aren't playing by?

I've been decided from the get go in this election. I'm lucky enough to have a great Independent MP who will almost certainly be re-elected, but if I were undecided Harper would be out of the running now. I can't imagine how someone could possibly get any more out of touch with how the current troubles with the economy are affecting honest, hardworking, rule abiding people.


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