Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being Very Pregnant While Homeschooling - Help!


I'm 37 weeks now and can't get enough sleep these days. When I think I have had enough sleep my body usually puts the lie to that by slowing down a couple of hours after getting up. I'm cranky with the kids and not getting normal stuff done around the house. Homeschooling is getting to be very, very hard.

Today is the second day in a row where my son ended our homeschooling with a fight. I don't have any patience to help my daughter when she comes to me for help. I KNOW what the answer is. The answer is to take a break, right? Except we're not getting enough done right now. And I will definitely be taking a break after the baby gets here. And soon after that we'll be taking a break for Christmas. With all those breaks, when does the work get done?

The perfect solution would be if the little guy (and it is a guy, I received confirmation of that this past Monday) decided to show up tomorrow. Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend so it would be ever so convenient to break right now. *sigh* I may have to do that anyhow before the kids revolt and toss me out a window.


mrs. dani said...

I know many people who take several months off in the fall (for various reasons) and homeschool through the summer months. There is no law (though some think otherwise)that says homeschools have to opperate in certain months! Take off (with the exception of reading assignments & and some good educational videos from the library) until after Christimas.

JJ Ross said...

Dawn, golly, what you're about right now is life itself and far more educational than book learning. Think about how you are preparing them to be parents and educators and grandparents -- right now! :) Do have somewone update us as soon after the little guy gets here as possible, if you're not so inclined. All the best! JJ

Dawn said...

JJ - Don't worry, there will be pics! :D

Mrs. Dani - I may be getting closer to considering that. And I DO need to make naps a priority right now. Breaks or no, I need sleep to be a pleasant mom right now.

Eddie said...

Discovery channel. Magic School Bus. Lots of colouring pages! Cut yourself a whole lot of slack. :)