Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (With Title-Defeating Commentary)

The start of the day from the front porch.

After the tough stuff, Harry does some history and builds pyramids.

Then, with school over, onto making Martians with his Martian Matter supplies. Feel for the poor Martians because they're only headed for dissection.

The nest of baby spiders Harry discovered in the box that held his Martian Matter stuff.

While the son played the daughter plugged away (and hid from the camera). 7+ hours of school work today because she didn't finish yesterday's work when she should have. Heh heh heh. Good thing she's a good sport.

The game of Monopoly where Harry mercilessly, "beat the poop out of," (direct quote from the boy) his mom and dad. His tired dad and pregnant mom no less. Daughter choose to play the Xbox 360 after all her work.