Monday, January 25, 2010

The Problem in the Basement

There is currently a big, brindle, pit bull mix puppy in our basement workroom. It's almost 3 in the morning and I can't sleep because the poor baby/dratted beast is whining to be let into the rest of the house with us. It can't be because a) I don't know what it might be infected with and have my own dog to worry about and b) it does not seem to be housebroken.

And there, I just had to run away from the computer because it managed to get past the elaborate blockade I've constructed to keep it confined and was wandering around the basement. Ugh. Blockade is now reinforced.

How did we get this puppy? A neighbour found it outside a local store. It had been hanging out there several days and no one knew whose dog it was (and it was someone's dog. It has a beautiful collar to prove that). She went to leave and it jumped in her car and she brought it to my house. Because apparently my house is where strays should be brought. Over the summer we took both a baby skunk and a hummingbird with a concussion in to the appropriate centers. Now we have a "reputation".


But it's really my fault I have the dog now. I offered to take it in until she could take it to the SPCA. Which she said she won't be able to do until Wednesday. And I don't think I can take another night of whining, walks, pooping and peeing.

I may just run it in myself tommorrow although I'd prefer not to risk doggy byproducts being deposited in my new car.

If I sound rather cold-hearted and resentful about the whole thing keep in mind that it IS now 3 am. I'm sure that once I get a bit of sleep and then go down and take a look in the puppy's big brown eyes I'll be as smitten as I was yesterday evening when I took him in. Now however? Not so much.


homeschool101 said...

Bless your heart. I know your feeling. All strays are brought to me as well. Lol. I would if you are up to it run it in yourself so your not torturing yourself everyday. I have to wonder there must be a reason this dog was brought to you. God is very mystical that way. Have a wonderful day! :)

Dawn said...

He's gone. Animal control came to get him today to take him to the
local shelter where he'll wait for a few days to see if his owners
turn up and then get needled, de-wormed and fixed for adoption.

I think he'll probably get adopted fairly quickly. He's a beautiful
puppy and a complete charmer. I'll post pics in a day or so.

If we didn't already have a dog (a past rescue) who was too old and cranky for a playmate I'd have been tempted to take this guy in. Maybe. I'm not sure I have the temperment to properly train a pit bull. But I will say, I now see the charm in pit bulls that other people see. This guy was a sook and a clown.

Dana said...

I've read that is the problem with living out in the become the depository for all manners of fauna people find.

My brother is trying to talk us into raising chickens for him and my dad said something about a cow.

Anonymous said...

Cold? No, you don't sound cold. You have every right to be annoyed. Your house is not a shelter. It was nice of you to take the dog in, but you have your own to worry about as well.

Molytail said...

aww, thanks for taking him in and making sure he had somewhere safe to stay before the shelter could help him out. ♥