Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kids Have the Best Punchlines

About ten mintues ago Harry stomped up from the playroom after yelling at Catherine. I asked him what in the heck he was upset about.

"Catherine said there's a thing called Hi-purple-lee and I said there isn't!"

"Hi-purple-lee? Oh, do you mean hyperbole?"

"Yes! And she said it was a real thing but I know it isn't"

"Well, I think you're both right. It's not a real thing in the way a monster or a rock or a tree is. It's an idea."


"Yes, it's when you exaggerate something...Like if I said you're so skinny you could slip through a keyhole. I'm saying you're really skinny but you couldn't really fit through a keyhole, right?"

"Oh! And we're both right?"


"I'm going to tell Catherine."

And off he bounced to tell Catherine, leaving me to wonder how on earth they got started talking about hyperbole in the first place. Until I heard the following...

"Catherine! Mom said we were both right! So I wasn't wrong when I said I would die if I cleaned up the playroom!"


Dana said...

Oh that is hilarious! Hi-purple-lee indeed.

Anonymous said...

I am SO going to name my next blog
"Hi-Purple-Lee"! I owe Harry a million-trillion dollars for his idea ;)