Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here's Our Black Bear

I'm not convinced this is the guy we saw a couple of weeks back. This guy seems smaller. It was at around 6:45 am when I heard something banging about on the porch off the master bath. Then the dog started growling at the french doors. I figured it was a raccoon but when I looked out I saw the bear dragging off a Rubbermaid container we were using to hold birdseed a few weeks back. I opened the window and yelled at him (or her I suppose) but it only scooted as far as the treeline. I snapped a couple of pictures then cursed and grabbed a metal mixing bowl and a spoon and went out the master bath porch to make noise.

In that moment our bear had changed from being some majestic representative of the natural word around us to a 200 lb rat.

I banged on the bowl and he ran. Still cursing I trudged out, in slippers and housecoat, to grab the container and drag it back to the house. I think I have overcome any lingering fear of bears.


Molytail said...

EEEEEEEEEK! Oh my. I'd have freaked LOL. He (she?) is cute, but.. bear!!

Haven't seen any here yet, but a friend was telling me about one that was rummaging around in a trash bin right in the parking lot of a shopping center last summer - people here are so used to them, they just keep going about their business. :-o

SAHMinIL said...

oh my I so would have freaked out!

Lorraine M said...

I would be flipping, definitely, cuz of the kids. Yipes.