Friday, February 20, 2009

Shhh! It's a Surprise!

With the move only one week away we're picking up some furniture we'll need. Last week we found a 7 piece Maple dining room set for $450 on Kijiji. This week I ordered a new mattress set for us and a mate's bed for Catherine from Sears. This weekend we pick up a bed for Harry.

This is the bed:

Cool, eh? Harry will be thrilled.

Now, if we were buying new we probably would have gone for something more mature and bed-like but since this one won't cost much we couldn't resist. If he only gets a couple of years out of it it will still be worth buying. The hood is a toy chest and the roof is, as pictured, a most excellent play space. It looks like it might need a touch up or two but that's not a big deal.

The thing is, Harry doesn't know. I know, the husband knows, Catherine knows but Harry doesn't. We'll pick it up and store it until Friday and then, while the kids are at they're grandparents, we'll move it to the new house with the rest of the stuff and set it up for him. And we'll not say a word until he sees it.


Molytail said...

oh wow - that is way cool! He'll love it! :-D

Lorraine M said...

:-) very cool Mom. Maybe that should be "very cool, Mom". Both apply.

obimomkenobi said...

That is absolutely fantastic! What a little boy. I doubt you'll hear, "But I don't want to go to bed..." for quite some time.

boremetotears said...

Dawn's note to self: "Take pictures!"

Mom, M.Ed. said...

Nice! It reminds me of the fire truck my husband built for our son's room!