Monday, February 2, 2009

The Decision

Last night we looked at one last house. It was a huge century home with a 1 acre lot in the middle of a nearby village. It had a wrap around deck. It had gorgeous firplaces all over the place. It had hardwood floors and original trim. It had a 21 by 13 kitchen with acres and acres of cabinetry and countertop. It had a ton of charm and was drop dead gorgeous. When we left the house we knew we were down to two house. The old charmer in a village or the rural new build.

Well, after we slept on it there was one house we were still thinking about. The new house in the boonies. This is it:

This is the kitchen:

This is the living room:

This is the whirlpool corner bathtub in the master bath (the door leads to the, ahem, master deck):

This is the fish/skating pond:

If we get the house I'll snap a picture on a nice day and post a picture of the view because the view is amazing. Ultimately, it's where this house is that made it the favourite. 10 minutes further away from everything then our current house but when you're staring out the front window it feels like years away from everything.

The one bad thing? I'll be on dial up. And I just realized that means that when I snap that picture of the gorgeous view it will take me absolutely forever to upload it to this blog. Oh my.

Anyhow, we make an offer tommorrow! Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

House hunting is so hard. I swear I heard angels sing when I saw my house for the first time though (which was pretty amazing considering the condition it was in). Good luck on the offer.

Anonymous said...

That's very interesting, we viewed a century home the same day. Didn't hear angels sing though because the building inspection was right there and it would be the 3rd time around now and my head is ruling over my heart.

I love this view! The treeline, the pond. I can't wait to see the amazing view :-)

Good luck.

Dawn said...

Well, we offered. They counter offered. We struck a deal. :D

Home inspection is on Saturday and by the end of Febuary we should be in our new home!!!

Anonymous said...


You'll just need to get a blackberry and use it as a cellular modem for the pooter... then you have fast interwebs again :)