Monday, July 4, 2011

And So It Begins?


Harry has some issues. He has trouble with focus in certain circumstances. His hearing is odd. His recall is sometimes odder. There are a lot of little things that, pieced together, make me suspect he's got some sort of auditory processing delay. I called up our provincial hearing and speech clinic and Harry's now on the wait list to get assessed*. I should have a better idea in two to three months. I'm also thinking of mentioning this to our family doctor and getting a referral to see if there isn't an issue with learning disabilities. They DO sort of run in the family after all.

He's a bright, clever, sensitive kid so to sit at the table with him and help him with his work should not be as frustrating as it is much of the time. I should not leave the table exhausted. He should not leave the table despairing. But that's how it is sometimes. He's made remarkable progress in reading ever since we've switched to a program oringinally designed for dyslexics, Dancing Bears, but it should not have taken this long to get where we are.

So off to assessments we go so both of us can get a handle on what's really going on. Wish us luck!

*For the Americans looking for health care info this is a no-cost service here in Nova Scotia. I could get Harry in quicker at a private clinic and pay out-of-pocket or possibly through our health insurance but it's not an emergency so I'm happy with this approach.


Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

I have been there. I think it is worth the time. If you go ahead with testing for LD's my advice (having done so with two of mine) is to go with the on who will take thier time doing a psychoeducational assessment. This should includeany one on one visits with you and with your child. Those that have an answer in 15 minutes all have the dame answer anyways. I see this ad obe of the benefits if our healthcare. If u had to pay each time Iight end up stuck with the first doctor and not the best doctor. In Ontario we have a program called Pathways. The assess and help with all kinds of difficulties (LD's, autisim and spectrum, hearing, speech, depression etc) I find them great cuz once your in the door you cam easily move from one service to the other.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the advice Ina. I went through some of this myself as a kid (I was diagnosed with ADD) but this will be the first time through it with one of my kids.

mot par mot said...

It'll be good to have answers! Good luck to y'all. And about the health stuff: Here in the States, we had a six-month wait for our son's private-practice, very expensive, not-covered-by-insurance assessment (diagnosis Asperger's). I don't know why U.S. people think wait times are so terribly long elsewhere!

Dawn said...

Oh! I was under the impression the wait time would be much shorted then here in Canada. Wow.