Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Fishing

It's a wonderful luxury to own a stocked pond.

Shannon (the husband) is baiting the hook with Harry and my neice.

My father giving my nephew (on my husband's side) some encouragement.

Catherine picking a spot to cast with adoring cousin in tow.

Harry with one of the fish he caught.

Dad said they were rather thin and gave my husband and I the eye so we'll head out tomorrow for some fish food to fatten them up with.

In the end Harry caught the most but choose to keep three of the bigger ones (between 10 and 12 inches) to gut, clean and fry. My nephew caught quite a few and ended up taking two home. My neice never picked up a rod but choose instead to follow Catherine who turned out to be a superb caster but had no interest in doing anything but releasing the fish she caught.

We had Harry's three fish for lunch, although the boy himself refused to try any citing a general dislike for fish.


mommyx12 said...

I just read your post on WTM forums about organizing your school books. I love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Thanks! I'm going to write about it here as well. :)