Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not Our Day of Rest

Sunday has lately become our family chore day. Of the three days a week my husband has off work (when not out on a call) Saturday is generally when we veg out and Monday is when all the family lessons and appointments get taken care of. So Sunday is the day we pick the bigger chores we need to get done, rope the kids into action and get down to work.

Today the husband cut firewood for next winter and I cleaned the cupboards and fridge. How quaint and traditional, eh? Much as my teenage self would have sneered at this it's just how it is. Since the kids really aren't a lot of help to someone wielding a tool that can hack off limbs they helped me and this is the result.

My kitchen pantry. Previously it was a mess, stuffed with multiple bags of half-used everything, all glued to the top shelf by a layer of molasses. The other shelves were mostly empty except for the odd bag of sprouting potatoes. Now it holds my cans, pastas, spices and overflow of baking supplies.

I was amazed to find I had quite a large stockpile of evaporated milk and cream of mushroom soup. Nowhere near what I want mind you but then again I have have visions of a near-prepper style room in the basement with cans and buckets full of extra food. Why? No, I don't think there's going to be any disaster in the near future. It's just that I'm getting to be a half-decent homemaker and this is something homemakers traditionally did. Heck, my mom used to do this, still does it. It makes sense when you're out in the boonies and can save a considerable amount of money.

Anyway, the other cupboards look equally nice. I've finally put the everyday baking supplies right by the counter area I use when I bake and found the chai tea bags I've been looking for forever.

And now the fridge.

Boy that's empty. Thankfully the husband and daughter are off right now getting groceries.

The kitchen itself looks better too (although it obviously needs a deeper cleaning).

You'll notice I don't actually have counter tops. It's just shelf paper with some leftover floor tiles but we might change that this summer. My blender is ancient because as with most of my smaller kitchen appliances, I bought it at a thrift store. Works perfectly. The eggshells on the sill are for seedings. The sink is full of jars ready to be cleaned and reused for storage. And yes, the "Country Kitchen" sign came with the house. I've grown to accept it. The chicken border will come off soon though.

This is the prime working area. I actually have a much ore spacious penninsula to the left of where I'm standing to take the picture but unless I'm rolling something out I prefer that corner. What's that baked good sitting on the counter you ask?

Hot cross buns sans the cross for the moment. I soaked the candied fruit in rum overnight so these are the secular/Anglican version which works for either me or the heathen husband. I'm quite impressed that I got all the cleaning done AND managed to bake something completely superfluous.

And for supper?


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mrs. dani said...

Thanks for posting. It reminded me to clean out my fidge too. Wow, it looks so bright in there!