Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cave Paintings Discovered in Basement!

This afternoon we followed up on our latest Story of the World chapters with a reading of the first two chapters of E.H. Gombrich's A Little History of the World (my review here - LOVE this book). Both dealt with prehistoric humans so in keeping with the theme we first looked at cave paintings on the internet and then grabbed some brushes and paint and headed for the basement.

While some parts of the basement walls are finished some are still bare cement. This makes them perfect for cave paintings! I poured out black, red, orange, yellow and white paints (in keeping with the colours we saw in the real cave paintings) and we got to work.

Catherine did an awesome job:

Harry had a whole story to go with his involving cavemen tumbling off waterfalls, mystical artifacts and a Beast God of Doom:

And here's the finished product:

My contributions are in the upper right hand corner: the gamer in red, the orange hand outline and our three pets. Harry's turned out great but I thought his creepy red handprints were fantastic. I LOVE Catherine's scene with the mammoth hunt on the bottom left. The three hunters have it backed up against a cliff while a fourth hunter is ready to drop a boulder on its head.

Tons of fun!


Anonymous said...

Shudder at a "Beast God of Doom"! :O

Reminded of neanderthal culture, our president is like a "beast god of doom" according to people I talked to over the weekend. And, if you were to draw him, you'd also use the black paint. Maybe a little red, for satanic glow. >:D

Anyway... I really stopped in after remembering the book,
Boy of the Painted Cave. We enjoyed it a few years back, when we were homeschooling. As I recall, it's a pretty quick and easy read. :)

Dawn said...

I am familiar with those people although mostly online. Folks here in Canuckistan generally like Obama.

Just placed a hold on the book. :)

Ruth in NC said...

Oh, that was one of the first things we did when we started homeschooling. ELEVEN years ago!! And we were enjoying Boy of the Painted Cave then too.

Have fun with the little ones.

Dawn said...

Ruth! I don know if I ever thanked you! One of your posts introduced me to Ellen McHenry's stuff. My 12 year old will be using Mapping the World With Art this year. Wonderful program.

Thank you!

NerdMom said...

Those are awesome! SOTW'ers unite;). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

NerdMom said...

Those are awesome! SOTW'ers unite;). Thanks for stopping by my blog!