Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Homemaker

I had a stellar day as a productive housewife yesterday. I bought myself some new cookbooks with a bookstore gift card from my SIL's family (yes, she and her husband are awesome) and while reading them yesterday got all inspired.

I looked in my freezer, saw two big bones from past pork shoulder roasts and dumped them in a big pot to boil for stock. When it was done I let it cool and skimmed off the fat. Took out the bone and took off the meat. Dumped leftover peas, wilted celery and rubbery carrots into pot along with some pepper, garlic and bay leaves. Let boil for ages, strained, added meat and veggies and made the most excellent soup.

Made Oatmeal Raisin bread in the breadmaker.

Noticed old and bruised apples and plums in the fridge so cooked and mashed both (separately). Put the applesauce in the fridge for next day's breakfast and used the mashed plums to make Plum Quick Bread. Measured out and froze the remaining plums for future baking.

Used leftover mashed potatoes to make hash for lunch - fried them with the fat skimmed from the stock.

Made the world's best tea biscuits to go with the soup for supper (note to self - forget the store brand, always go for Fluffo shortening).

I felt so productive. Stuff I would have tossed out last week was turned into delicious food yesterday. And I had a nice pile of baked goods for meals or freezing. I was a proper, capable and perhaps even talented homemaker.

Then, after the kids were in bed Catherine yelled out to me that it was windy and maybe I should take the snowsuits off the clotheline in case they blew away.

The too-small snowsuits I'd hung up to give them a good airing before sending them to the local thrift store.

3 months ago.

Well, I can handle the food part of homemaking anyhow.


Jacqueline said...

Lol! I say kudos to you for getting done what you did.

Lynn said...

Well, Dawn, I greatly admire your productivity, thrift and resourcefulness. Actually, I found your post very inspiring. (I'd send diamond earrings to you as a token of my admiration, but, from what I understand, you already have a pair.)

Dawn said...

Oh Lynn, the only reason all that work was post worthy was because it's stands in stark contrast to the way I usually run my kitchen. Which is to ignore it for the bulk of the day until I have to throw together a half-assed supper. :)

However, with car payments in the future (we've never had them, the beaters we always used to buy were cheap enough that we just paid cash) our grocery budget will be squeezed so I'm working on getting as many meals as possible out of what we buy.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Would you share your Oatmeal Raisin Bread recipe? It sounds like something that my children would love to eat.

Molytail said...


So did you take them in? Ha. Yes, I'm asking. :-P